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ConserVETion is a course aimed at contributing to wildlife conservation and welfare through the skills of veterinary professionals. ConserVETion facilitates the connection between theory and the practical application of wildlife conservation medicine.

We provide a unique opportunity for veterinarians and veterinary students, from all around the world, who have an interest in wildlife and conservation thereof, to gain insight and experience through active participation in conservation projects in southern Africa.

ConserVETion prides itself in the unique and professional veterinary experience we offer. Our emphasis is on contribution to conservation through active participation and education. Our aspirations include improving animal welfare not only in the wild but in captivity as well. It is through our understanding of animals in the wild that we are able to assist animals in captivity, and vice-versa.

We understand that Africa’s greatest treasure is its wildlife and its cultural wealth so we focus on enhancing both and creating a balance that impacts on economic development and welfare.

How? Through our work and knowledge as veterinarians, and with your help and participation.

ConserVETion is also actively involved in community based, conservation projects. In collaboration with international tertiary education institutions, these research projects are structured to find solutions to the conflict between communities and neighbouring wildlife conservation areas.

A detailed programme will be presented to registering students.

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Conservation Global organized a dually educational and adventurous experience across South Africa. As a student I was able to learn more about apartheid and its effects on the nation from prominent political leaders. Also, I was able to better understand the needs and efforts of conservationists across the area to protect some of the worlds most endangered animals. From finding dolphins in the Indian Ocean, cage diving with great whites, and spotting lions on the game reserve, this experience reestablished the necessity in myself to protect our wild lands across the globe. If we do not protect them, who will?

Anna Hixson March 25th, 2015

Conservation Global provided a comprehensive and engaging travel experience for a group of seasoned travelers. My expectations were exceeded due to the organization’s ability to strike a balance between learning and fun, academics were firmly grounded as the motivation for all activities. We had access to sustainability focused thought leaders who were great privileges to learn from; many of whom were only accessible through this fantastic organization and their vast network of environmentalists. From a beautiful sunrise hike of Lion’s Head in Cape Town to spending time with the students at Tsiba college in Knysna, I would happily relive this trip in a heartbeat. I am grateful for Conservation Global and the time and energy they put in to ensure a memorable, inspiring and educational South African adventure for all involved.

Morgan Mellinger May 24th, 2016

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