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ConserVETion is a course aimed at contributing to wildlife conservation and welfare through the skills of veterinary professionals. ConserVETion facilitates the connection between theory and the practical application of wildlife conservation medicine.

We provide a unique opportunity for veterinarians and veterinary students, from all around the world, who have an interest in wildlife and conservation thereof, to gain insight and experience through active participation in conservation projects in southern Africa.

ConserVETion prides itself in the unique and professional veterinary experience we offer. Our emphasis is on contribution to conservation through active participation and education. Our aspirations include improving animal welfare not only in the wild but in captivity as well. It is through our understanding of animals in the wild that we are able to assist animals in captivity, and vice-versa.

We understand that Africa’s greatest treasure is its wildlife and its cultural wealth so we focus on enhancing both and creating a balance that impacts on economic development and welfare.

How? Through our work and knowledge as veterinarians, and with your help and participation.

ConserVETion is also actively involved in community based, conservation projects. In collaboration with international tertiary education institutions, these research projects are structured to find solutions to the conflict between communities and neighbouring wildlife conservation areas.

A detailed programme will be presented to registering students.

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The South Africa travel was the most incredible experience of life!! With Conservation Global’s help, I experienced memories that will last a lifetime. From learning about sustainability in townships and wildlife conservatory at game reserves, to the social and economic issues that South Africa struggles with today, Conservation Global allowed me to be enthusiastic and engaged throughout our trip, as well as encouraged me to think about how my relationship with nature and the environment will affect future generations for years to come.

Julia Tomich May 24th, 2016

I spent two weeks in South Africa with Conservation Global in a partnered trip with Franklin University Switzerland. It is safe to say that these two weeks are by far the most memorable of my life thanks to the effort Conservation Global put into both the educational and adventurous aspects of our trip. From hiking up Lion’s Head in Cape Town, diving with Great White sharks in the Indian ocean, and near encounters with the endangered White Rhinoceros, this NGO helped plan an incredible experience for my research conservation class. If it were not for Conservation Global I do not think we could have done many of the activities we did- such as engage with students at Tsiba College on issues of sustainability on our campuses, and meet and listen to Mark Rutherford lecture on how to run Gondwana Game Reserve. I will forever be grateful for these two weeks and for all of the hard work Conservation Global put into this experience!

Taylor Deems May 24th, 2016

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